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    “In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.”
    ― Michael Jackson

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Ignore ‘Em Phoenix Freaks

Hey guys,

Well, we all know about Electrode right? Well, he thinks we’re ready for invasions and all so he’s got his new army Phoenix invading our TWO servers.  He can’t. Why? Because we are currently re-building. If he’s got a problem with that, then he better should get lost. So if he says, ” I have the servers” and all, ignore him.

Until then,



Strict Rules

Hello everyone!

I know we’ve been inactive for a VERY long time and that isn’t good. FDS has been dead for quite a long time. We have joined the Sunshine Alliance and we must train and recruit to become the best army out there. That is why I’ve made some new rules that WE ALL must follow, no matter what. And I also have a couple of polls needed to be answered so I know how to alter this army. Anyway, we’re also going to be needing some DIVISION leaders. That and a lot more can be read later on in the post, just read on!

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We Need To Rise

Hello there surfers!

This is it. From today onwards our army will officially be active. We HAVE to recruit. We need to get people to join. That’s why, I’m going to be scheduling some events VERY soon. And hopefully, Waterkid100 will accept my invitation. Anyway, you may have seen the site getting decorated, well yeah, it’s part of the plan. So, hopefully by the end of this week, everything will be set and we can start recruiting and get to that CPAC/SMAC Top 10 very soon!

Until then,
Keep surfing!

Forget The Past! We’re Back!

HEY SURFERS!!!!!!!!!
We’re back! Yeah,we’re back! We’re damn back! And we ACTUALLY ARE back! We’ve come back. We aren’t a dead army anymore!  I don’t need Nick’s permission to bring FDS back! I’ve done it myself and now,we’re officially back! Take a look around the re-designed website. I’ve added a lot of pages. I still gotta get our header etc ready. We’re gonna get to that Top 10 with HARD WORK. We also need to get a person who can lead this army effectively when I’m gone. If you know someone,tell  me in the comments then.

We’re A Dead Army

Hello surfers. I know you’ll know but,we’re a dead army. This FDS is no more. This Is It. We’re dead. I would have been playing Michael Jackson’s This Is It by now, :(. But,FDS is no longer active but dead. I know how we all started with Skull  and I being treated like trash by Jolteon and all. How we met in Light Troops,but that’s history now. I’m sorry but we’re dead.
From Light Warriors to XRV to FDS,this warfare experience was great. It’s not that I’m quitting but,I’m just gonna be loyal to LT. 😀
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Attention!Very Urgent!

Hey Surfers! What’s up?Since Skull won’t be online that frequently for some time,I’m gonna have to take full control of the army.And,that means,you must abide by all rules and listen to all those appointed as leader.If I’m not available at times,I’ll appoint someone else as leader for that event.So,I’ll give you event details for our first official event.
Event:Recruiting Session
Date: Saturday,29th September 2012
Time: 5PM UK, 12PM Eastern Coast Time Zone ,11PM Pacific Time Zone,9:30 PM IND.
Please be there,we need people,we’re nothing! Comment if coming!

Hey guys! Pikachu here!

Hey guys! It’s Pikachu. I’m gonna tell you a little about me and Rocket and some of our JOINT history on Xat chats.
I finally became an administrator of this site,using Rocket’s ID. LOLZ. Just need the pass to the E-mail. Rocket was the one who made the site,stuff etc. But I’ll soon be editing it. To the main part. Rocket and I are orignally from Light Troops. We then made a new army called Light Warriors,by Rocket’s memory I can say. It was led by my younger brother,Flareon,now Jolteon. He led the army with Jimbob,but what a shame,he ruled it as a DEAD army. Next,came X-Ray Vision(XRV). First,Flaroen changed his name to Jolteon and then led the army with Jimbob. Rocket and I left it because Jolt was being bossy to us and treated us like GARBAGE.
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