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Strict Rules

Hello everyone!

I know we’ve been inactive for a VERY long time and that isn’t good. FDS has been dead for quite a long time. We have joined the Sunshine Alliance and we must train and recruit to become the best army out there. That is why I’ve made some new rules that WE ALL must follow, no matter what. And I also have a couple of polls needed to be answered so I know how to alter this army. Anyway, we’re also going to be needing some DIVISION leaders. That and a lot more can be read later on in the post, just read on!

Table of Contents

Current State

Recruiting Rules


Server Reform

Declaration of War


Current State
The current state of FDS is horrible! We are barely anything. We barely have any troops. Even after adding Waterkid100 to this army isn’t working. We need a true leader. We need division leaders. I’m looking for a leader right now. I don’t care who I get! EVEN IF IT’S LORD PAIN. We need to rise. We need to recruit. We need to be loyal. We should be fair and equality should always be present in this army!

Recruiting Rules
These recruiting rules will be helpful. Everyday, according to your rank, I’d like to see YOU all to be recruiting. The minimum amount of recruits are below, according to your rank, so please, please listen to these rules!

Owner – 3-4 recruits everyday
Moderator – 2-3 recruits everyday
Member – 1-2 recruits

This army needs various divisions and leaders who can handle the divisions too. That is why I’ve separated the divisions. We’re going to be having the following divisions :

American Divisions
British Division
Asian/Australian Division

Now, with that done, we’ll only be needing leaders. When I gather a good number of acceptable nominees, I will be making a post of polls for you to choose for each division. And, obviously, whoever has the highest number os votes for each poll will be the leader of that division and who loses, will be the co-leader of that division. REMEMBER – THESE LEADERS COULD BE YOU TOO!

Server Reform
Many of you probably read CPAC and know about the new Server Reform. If you haven’t, what this basically means  is that armies must select 10 servers from their nation to keep. After this, they may invade up to 5 more servers, for a total of 15, to add to their nation. In a time of war, they are allowed to also occupy up to 5 of their enemy’s servers. So,regarding this, I want to ask YOU guys whether or not we should adhere to the reform or not. Please vote below!

Declaration of War
Whenever we will declare war, or will be declared war on by another army, we should first be given or give a 24 HOURS NOTICE, otherwise, it is unacceptable on both sides. Another thing, when we are declared war on, only the 1ic or 2ic (Waterkid100) can accept the invitation.

That’s all we need to become a great army. This post is MANDATORY to be read through and followed. Otherwise, this may end up not in your favor. Promotions will be done the same or if someone is reasonable enough then we will see.

Until then,



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